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Providing cleaning service excellence to Iowa City, Coralville, and surrounding locations.

Our Mission
A Step Above Cleaning Services LLC is committed to delivering the exact services our residential and commercial cleaning clients want, listening closely to their expectations, taking a proactive approach in defining their needs, and building the best partnering relationship possible. We are also committed to always acting with honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business, being professional in doing our job, and delivering a consistent, high level quality of work.
We make customer service our #1 priority, this will be accomplished through experienced, professional team members who follow our company's meticulous cleaning standards and who will provide quality cleaning services, exceptional customer service, scheduled site inspections, customer surveys, and keep open communications with our customers so that their every need is fulfilled. 
We are committed to hiring the best people in the industry. A Step Above Cleaning Services is committed to ongoing training and development of our team members, to ensure that customer expectations are met. We will be in the forefront when it comes to  setting the standard of excellence in the residential and commercial cleaning industry, and quality of service will remain at the pinnacle of our company mission.


(Human Resources, Payroll, Team Advisor, Client Relations, Research/Development)

With his background, as one of the Customer Service Managers, as well as a Trainer in their Corporate Operations, Kim Paul is ready for whatever you can throw his way. 
Growing up in heart of America,  Kim was raised a true child of Iowa, but his aspirations lay far beyond the limitations of the state. .
Kim was the proud Co-Owner of a business in St. Louis, MO. And before that, he had spent much of his working career with Neman Marcus, and Office Depot, just to name a few.
His newest business venture takes much of his time, but he still enjoys spending his free time with his family, including his wonderful dog, Kobi.


Director Of Field Operations
(On-site/Off-site Team Related Inquiries, Client Relations, Service Coordination)

As a Training Supervisor for Chic-Fil-a, Bobby learned valuable lessons about the ins and outs of the services industry.
Born in Indiana, and moving to Iowa later on, he has a resume that spans the better part of 10 years in a wide range of reputable establishments, including Horseshoe Casino, Chic-fil-a, and others. 
Bobby joined A Step Above Cleaning Services LLC in June of 2020, and enjoys spending the little free time that he does have, being inspired by his favorite music, and being surrounded by his family and friends.


Marketing/Online Activities Director
(Press Communications, Telecommunications, Website Inquiries, Social Networking Communications, Product Safety)

Coady has been in the background from the very beginning, and has never stopped bringing bold ideas, and fresh change to the business, as a whole. 
Coady attended Kaplan University, with a major focus on Business Management. During his time as an entrepreneur in the Iowa City area from 2016 up to today, he has taken great pride in his ability to adapt to the changing industry, and counseling local business owner on the state of cleanliness in their establishments. 
Coady spends his free time working on ways to better help his community.

The Step Above Staff: Meet the Team
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